February 17, 2002

Subject: Re: AztlanNet: a pedropoem for Morning Glory, Hell, and Hollywood
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 01:08:02 -0800
From: Octavio Romano <oromano@tqsbooks.com>
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I read your four part work LOVESICKNESS SALVATION and I commend you for your forthrightness, your integrity, and for your courage to bare your soul before the eyes of the world.
Your detractors do not do so.  They bare not their souls.
They speak instead in platitudes, in truisms, and the many other linguistic mechanisms to avoid letting the world know who they really are.  I speak of Alma, Sedaño, Urrutia, and others.  Your work, Sedeño, tells the world who you really are.  Frankly, I see none of that in the writings of Sedaño, Urrutia etc.  I see, instead, mumblings of currently popular sociology with a very strong overlay of liberal Americanism.  All of which, believe me, is fine if they would only tell us who they really are.
But they will not.  Their concept of art is the technical professionalism that enables one to avoid telling the world who you really are.  In this sense, Pedro, your detractors represent an extremely radical departure from the entire world history of art.
Your detractors, Pedro Sedeño, are therefore the first cousins of Runsfeld, Ashcroft, and Bush, all of whom refuse to tell us who they really are.
sin mas:
Octavio Romano


Subject: RE: 'Our Lady' Thesis Questions
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 12:13:17 -0700
From: "fitzc" <fitzc@netzero.net>
To: "Alma Lopez" <almalopez@earthlink.net>

Hi Alma, I just wanted to let you know that I went down to SF this week and talked to lots of interesting people!  I was wondering if you had a chance to look at the questions I sent at the end of January.  I can send them again if you want me to.  Thanks a lot for your time.  Katie