March 24, 2001

Subject: Don\'t Give Up!!!
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 18:47:46 -0500
From: Diana Laura <>

i saw in the news about your work of art of La Virgen. Honestly i think that people are overreacting. As an art lover and former Catholic i belive what you did is not disrespectful. This piece of art is YOUR point of view of what a mexican woman is or feels. I use to believe in LA VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE, i understand how you put those feeling on your work. we were raised with that image of what a woman should be and guadalupe is , kind, beautiful, caring, loving. and only women could feel close to la virgen because of course shes woman and only she would understand our pains.

but i believe the catholics (especially the priests) are using you as a scapegoat. why don’t they see past the image. why haven’t they asked what it means to you and understand that is what you feel. that you are not trying to change an image of their virgen. Honestly at this point in time the Catholic church is losing many members for different reasons, and one is that people sometimes don't think on their own. Right now the priests are using you to get their members pumped up.


Subject: Santa Fe
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 22:19:06 -0700
From: Jane Sauer <>

I think the pieces you have in the CyberArt exhibit are wonderful and very meaninful. As an artist myself, I am very sympathetic with this struggle against censorship. I hope the museum and Board of Regents will recognize that there is not one hispanic community here with only one voice. There are others who appreciate your work and are interested in exploring what this culture worships and why. They don't object to their views being questioned. Thanks for your contribution to the ongoing dialogue concerning the role of art and artist in this society.

I am interested in the price of the Virgin Guadalupe piece and the Ladies Garment Workers of LA. My e-mail address is
Are these single pieces or multiples? If mutiples, how many are there?