April 12, 2001

Subject: Our Lady
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 23:22:14 -0700
From: "Amber 0:-)" <purpleamber@hotmail.com>
To: hwalker259@earthlink.net, chancellor@archdiocesesantafe.org, almalopez@earthlink.net, tmnunn@moifa.org, letters@sfnewmexican.com

Throughout time, many artists have chosen to express their ideas and beliefs through controversial artwork. However, through this self-expression, often these ideas are not welcomed and accepted by society as a whole. I see Alma Lopez' art piece titled, Our Lady, as an interpretation of La Virgen de Guadalupe brought into modern times. It is not offensive nor degrading; it is uplifting and refreshing. It portrays a strong woman of whom modern women can relate and look to. She is strong yet beautiful, pure yet alive. I see no reason as to why there should be any questioning as to the right to display this piece of exceptional art, especially in a country which was founded on freedom of expression and ideas. If everyone in history had followed the popular ideal, we would never have reached the success we are today.

-Amber Staggs
Irvine, CA