April 22, 2001


Subject: [AztlanNet] Re: the Son of Man
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 02:54:17 -0000
From: "michael sedano" <mvsedano@yahoo.com>
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SO, now that you're in full retreat, you revert to name calling, you no good son of the llano, Petey Romeo, wherefore art thou, Sedeno! I accept your concession. And more divagation. You keep wandering off like that, vato, if it makes you feel good. Bill: Hubris is defined as "he who would speak for God." It's not humiliation-- though humility is a good thing -- that emerges from the Sedano - Sedeno dialog (except in Pete's hand with his strategy of diminution), but truth with a small "u". It's the U in trUth that coUnts, I always say.

Anyone know my favorite version of the annunciation? it's a painting by Henry Ossawa Turner, up at the Palace of the Legion of Honor, or maybe the DeYoung, in 'frisco? A teenaged Mary sits totally bummed out on her bed, a blazingly shiny light in the corner of her bedroom having just spilled the bad news. I do believe in the ImmaculateConception, and the ascencion of Mary to the Right hand of God (or was it the Left?). I love the smell of a good myth in the morning. It reminds me of... victory.

And besides, ese, that ain't no distortion, it's called Art, and I don't mean Art Carney, carnal. Is "digital" supposed to be some species of put-down? I wish i had the skill.