June 16, 2001

Subject: Re: [AztlanNet: ARTS|LETTERS] Traveisa´s paranoia
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001 18:53:30 -0000
From: "Pedro Romero Sedeno" <romesedeno@hotmail.com>
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--- TraveisaBlue@aol.com wrote:> I have found that all the communication from Mr. Sedano has been..........                                             

<Pedro Romero Sedeño responds:           

I assume Traveisa´s response is directed to me, but , for the record, my name is , Sedeño,  not to be confused w/ Michael Sedano, another AztlanNut (like me.  I love you, man, even though we think differently>). . Please note, Traveisa, and "beware the moving target". Sedeño, of course, is my mom´s maiden name and is Spanish Marroqui´in origin.                                            

Traveisa wrote: What power he perceives himself to have are only what we as a individuals give him. It is all based on fear and threats. Fear and threats is not the manner in which a spiritually invested person comunicates. 

Sedeño response:  Threats? Over the Internet? "Lions, and tigers and bears! lions,  and tigers and bears!" Traveisa.  What paranoid cyberfantasy do you perceive of me and cyberspace? Golly, get a grip, señorita.  I am just a low-income artist and harmless musician and hardly know any karate, so what kind of threat can I pose, Traviesa ?.  "Rasta no work for no CIA".

To calm your paranoia, hermana, I wish to re-post these words: "What is real cannot be threatened.  What is unreal does not exist.  Herein lies the peace of God".  Also, as per "spiritually 'invested' person", please clarify, Traveisa.  myself,  I don´t think in terms of >spirituality and "investment", but rather believe  in religion as a matter of Spirit living in one´s experience, a religion  which must be ,above all, personal,  and not just an institutionalized, formalized, organized "religion",  Personal religion is meaningful to me as an  extension of a spiritual reality, i..e.   a faith-relationship with a loving and merciful

ParentGod i.e. an invisible and spiritual brotherhood available to any mortal man or woman, faithers,  the kingdom of heaven. , Again, I re post:  "True religion is loyalty to one´s highest ideals".           

As per criticisms of Alma Lopez´s art,  I am "attacking" Alma-isms and other´s notions of validity for her pseudo-Guadalupana work, but it is not my intent to attack Alma; ( ella tambien es hija de Dios) (como Dorinda) only to uphold intelligent discourse about >La Guadalupe.    Alma defends her work with   mushy spirituality-artspeak rationalizations,, as per her web-site that Alma has had "apparitions" of Our Lady of Guadalupe, ( quick, call the Pope) and then puts Her on the same level as a cutesy 2-d  clip-art mermaid, La Sirena, and then calls this the result of a "relationship" with Guadalupe and significant art.  (Sorry, I think it's rather juvenile and stupid, and I´m not buying her nor the Museum´s b.s.)  Alma´s trivialization  of a real Spirt, la Madre Celestial, is what I have consistently challenged, as well as the Raquel Salinas poster, with a call for respect for Spirit and truth, as well as Hispano and Mejicano traditions and cultural identity.


Subject: Our Lady
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001 15:20:17 -0600
From: "Myk & Becky Ewing" <BooksEtc@Zianet.com>
To: <almalopez@earthlink.net>

Alma Lopez,
    My name is Becky Ewing and I would just like to say that my husband, Myk Ewing, and I find the portrait, Our Lady, an absolutely gorgeous piece of artistry.  We are astonished at the negative response you have received over this beautiful representation of the Virgin Mary. Honestly, I believe this is the most flattering portrait of the Virgin I have ever seen.  For once the public can see Her as the beautiful woman She is and the beauty Her presence invokes. We support you 100%. 
We are also interested in a print of Our Lady.  We would display it proudly in our small bookstore in Ruidoso, NM.
Becky & Myk Ewing