July 8, 2001

Subject: [AztlanNet: ARTS|LETTERS] su Señorita y July 4th
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 19:32:24 -0000
From: "Pedro Romero Sedeno" <romesedeno@hotmail.com>
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El Bulldog wrote: 

I want to be counted on the the same list along with Michael Sedano. This is not a war, with people choosing up side Pedro, it's a debate,
As to "sides" or lists, Alma Lopez drew the line when she censored la persona de Nuestra Señora, y puso su Señorita.  Si´, it is a debate, and to me, not about what is right or wrong, but what is intelligent and what is not so intelligent,    I´ll stick with Nuestra Señora., gracias.   Artists do have "rights", the free will  to create, and to miscreate.  A creation extends the truth, certainty.  Miscreations apparently must hide behind shallow defenses of "inquisition", "viciousness" , "threats". Call it   "Our Lady" all you want , hide behind the best of the King´s English, pero en español, no es Señora, ni nuestra Señora;  A.Lopez' "Our Lady" es una Señorita.  hagame el favor......

From: "rudy fernandez"
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Subject: Re: [AztlanNet: ARTS|LETTERS] July 4th y Guadalupe
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2001 00:22:44 -0600

Why are you having to explain anything to him? Did you not say that your friend Antonio was a defender of workers' rights? What about artists' rights, I believe in his heart he understands this well.
I want to be counted on the the same list along with Michael Sadano.
This is not a war, with people choosing up side Pedro, it's a debate,


El Bulldog


Subject: Re: [AztlanNet: ARTS|LETTERS] su Señorita y July 4th & open dialogue
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 15:19:43 -0600
From: "rudy fernandez" <elbulldog69@hotmail.com>
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The question is about rights as provided for under the constitution of the United States, the country we both live in.

It is not for you or I to pick and choose what those rights will be but rather to attempt to defend them as they stand. An erosion of this institution in in any form is a setback for all of us.

There are many people in this country from different faiths and belief systems, some, atheists who do not believe in a God, son of God and therefore Mother of Christ. Their rights are still protected under the same constitution my grandfather in the France, my father at Omaha Beach On D-Day, numerous cousins In Vietnam and my little brother, a lifer who was involved in numerous actions including the Gulf War fought to preserve.

Forget my bad choice of word regarding which side I want to be counted on.

The fact remains that there are different points of view, some which we can get quit passionate about.

Almost all of the postings I have read on this subject seem to come from the heart and are well articulated. So why the name calling and do you seriously want to represent your self as the supreme arbiter of intelligence.

Look for the merit in the statements of each of these people, it is there if you will give it a chance.

Maybe in the end, if we don't all drop off of the list first, what we will learn is tolerance for the different points of view that we each have to share with each other.

With respect to all,



Subject: [AztlanNet: ARTS|LETTERS] Chicano hate?
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 01:12:32 +0000
From: Octavio Romano <oromano@tqsbooks.com>
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I am extremely sick and tired of people writing intolerant e-mails to Pedro Ramirez Sedeño of New Mexico. exhorting him to be tolerant.
What is surfacing is the disdain that California Chicanos and Chicanas have toward the Manitos of New Mexico.
On occasion, the disdain borders on hate.
I think that we are all owed an explaniation from California Chicanoas as to why this hate has surfaced, and by what justification is this hate being constantly expressed.
Judging from past experience, I think that the California Chicano/Chicana answer will be an ominous silence, therefore proving the point.

Octavio I. Romano-V., Ph.D.