April 27-28, 2011


from Xochitl Alvizo
to LFogarty
cc almaloveslupe@gmail.com
date Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 8:03 AM
subject Support for "Our Lady"
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Dear Lori Fogarty,

I am writing to thank you for having Alma Lopez's work on Our Lady in your exhibit. I have been a grateful fan of her work, especially of "Our Lady", which I consider a great contribution to our creative engagement with Mary. I am a Practical Theology PhD student at Boston University and have included Lopez's work in papers I have written about the significance of Mary for women. I think her creative and courageous art will lead us to new horizons in our theology.

I write to commend you for supporting art in this way. I imagine that you may be receiving letters of protest - ah, what a compliment! For it serves as a reminder of the importance and necessity of art - especially art that provokes and makes people think, and act, and come alive! Good for you for prompting that engagement in people.

Again, thank you! I live in Boston - too far to visit - but I am glad many others get to enjoy Alma's work.


-Xochitl Alvizo

from Fogarty, Lori
to Xochitl Alvizo
cc almaloveslupe@gmail.com
date Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 9:08 AM
subject RE: Support for "Our Lady"
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Thank you very much for your letter of support. We are honored and pleased to have Alma’s work here at the Museum and I couldn’t agree more with your statement about the importance and the role of art.

Best regards,


Lori Fogarty
Executive Director
Oakland Museum of California




from m sedano
to LFogarty
cc almaloveslupe@gmail.com
date Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 4:02 PM
subject Wondrous Exhibition
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How to justify the ways of fools to art museum supporters? I suppose there's no manner of communicating--except for the work in the gallery itself--with people like the Fatima organization who believes people on Earth need to prove something to God. At any rate, I used that organization's boilerplate form to send the following message via their channel:

Dear Museum Director:

Alma Lopez' portrayal of La Lupe as a woman pays tribute to something religious nuts wish they did not understand, but they do: the vehemence of their protests is inversely proportional to their quotient of Faith.

Their overwrought agony is its own reward. It's their version of faith-proving self-flagellation, except this way their own skin remains unscathed and whole. Better, the protestor can stroll hoarsely home satisfied that God needed them to defend the creator of heaven and earth, and art.

michael sedano