La Voz de Aztlan Editorial
Los Angeles, Alta California
April 23, 2001

Lesbians Insult "La Virgen de Guadalupe"

Two Chicana lesbians have denigrated the most sacred religious icon of Mexico, "La Santa Virgen de Guadalupe". Alma Lopez, a visual artist, has depicted her nude lover, Raquel Salinas, as Tonatzin, the Blessed Aztec Virgin of Mexico. This lack of respect for one of Mexico's most revered spiritual symbols, by some Chicanas, demonstrates that a lack of ethnic identity can often lead to "sexual identity confusion" as well. La Voz de Aztlan believes that the sexualization of the "sacred" is nothing less than demonic

"I am re-imagining this cultural icon from my own worldview as a Chicana lesbian" says decadent artist Alma Lopez. The inspiration for a series of Virgen de Guadalupe images, in sapphic poses she calls "Lupe Loves Sirena", is the perverted Chicana author Sandra Cisneros, Lopez says. In an essay "Guadalupe the Sex Goddess", Sandra Cisneros writes, "When I see La Virgen de Guadalupe I want to lift her dress as I did my dolls’ and look to see if she comes with chones, and does her panocha look like mine, and does she have dark nipples too? Yes, I am certain she does."

The tearing down of a Mexican national spiritual symbol is a political subversive act from the U.S. side of the border. Some Chicanos and Chicanas, because of the onslaught on our culture by the dominant majority, have been weakened morally and have lost the common sense of what is proper and good. The same forces that have generally destroyed the morals of our society, have worked even more diligently to destroy the morals of marginalized Chicanos and Chicanas. An example is the National Association of Chicano and Chicana Studies (NACCS) whose Joto and Lesbian Caucuses routinely present decadent papers at their "sexualized" national conferences. Academic papers with nuances to "erotics of little boys" and "slippery when wet" are presented as legitimate intellectual research.

The effort to destroy Mexico's most powerful religious archetype is by design and is not just being carried out by Chicana lesbians. U.S. author John Mini in his recent book "The Aztec Virgin" says he sees much symbolism in the image that was planted on Juan Diego's tilma. Taking the whole image he sees a "vagina". The image to the left is found on page 175 of his book. This sacrilege is no different than the one committed by Alma Lopez.

Raquel Salinas, the lesbian depicting La Virgen in a sapphic pose, says that she knows what La Virgen is wearing under her dress. She says it is "roses". The image of Salinas by Lopez shows a "rose" covering her vagina. This the reason that Raquel Salinas uses the nickname "chuparosa" as the first part of her e-mail address. La Voz de Aztlan wonders if these sort of acts is what condemns humans to eternal damnation in hell!