Joe Felz


Fullerton Museum Center

Fullerton, California

August 1, 2004

RE: California museum to exhibit highly sacrilegious image of "La Virgen de Guadalupe"

Dear Mr. Felz:

Our news publication, La Voz de Aztlan, has received your press release concerning the planned exhibit "The Virgin of Guadalupe: Interpreting Devotion" to open on August 28. Your press release mentions that as part of the exhibit, you will be including the highly offensive "Guadalupe in a Bikini" by the decadent lesbian artist Alma Lopez.

Sir, you may not be aware but the image has extremely sexually deviant symbolism and has already been condemned by millions of Mexicans here in the USA and in Mexico.

Firstly, the person in the sapphic pose representing the "Mother of Jesus" is nothing less than Raquel Salinas, the lesbian lover of the so called artist Alma Lopez. Raquel Salinas calls herself "La Chuparosa" which Alma Lopez often depicts on her abominable images. For a full description of the sexually deviant lesbian connotations of "Chuparosa" and of other symbolisms in Lopez' rendering of "La Reina de Mexico", please read our editorial "Chicana Lesbians Denigrate La Virgen de Guadalupe" which can be read on our website on the Internet at

In addition, the rendering of "Tonatzin" by the decadent lesbian Alma Lopez has been promoted by many USA based pornographers. Please read the following article at

Mr. Felz, we would like to think that you are merely ignorant of the facts and not involved in an anti-Mexican effort to destroy our most revered spiritual beliefs and cultural values. We would like to believe that the City of Fullerton's intentions for "The Virgin of Guadalupe: Interpreting Devotion" exhibit is to extend the hand of friendship to the large and growing Mexican population of Orange County and not to, like many anti-Mexicans xenophobes, to denigrate the values of our community in collusion with those in the homosexual and lesbian lifestyles and of those others who have a deep hate against us.

We are requesting that you refrain from exhibiting these and other offensive and abominable renderings of the Mexican "Holy Mother". Please, let us know before the City of Fullerton City Council's meeting of August 3, of your decision to refrain from destroying the faith based beliefs of the youths who attend Fullerton's educational system and of those others in our community.


Ernesto Cienfuegos


La Voz de Aztlan


Copy: Mayor of Fullerton, California Mike Clesceri and others

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