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August 3, 2004

Art museum to refrain from exhibiting blasphemous image of "La Virgen de Guadalupe"

La Voz de Aztlan has received communications from the Director of the Fullerton Museum Center at Fullerton, California that they will not be exhibiting the highly sacrilegious image of "Guadalupe in a Bikini" by the lesbian artist Alma Lopez. Mr. Joe Felz wrote our publication that the museum will instead exhibit "Maria de Los Angeles", by the same artist, as part of their upcoming "The Virgin of Guadalupe: Interpreting Devotion" exhibit that will open on August 28.

Our Editor-in-Chief had previously written to Mr. Felz concerning the "lesbian pornographic symbolism" that can be found in the repugnant and abominable rendering by Alma Lopez of her lover Raquel Salinas in a sapphic pose representing "La Reina de Mexico". The letter from Ernesto Cienfuegos to Mr. Joe Felz is published at

Recently, a small group of degenerate chicana(o) artists have targeted the "Santa Virgen de Guadalupe" as the focus of their perverted imaginations. Our publisher Hector Carreon wrote an article "Chicanos in Search of their Souls" which addresses the issue. This article is published at

The "Mexican Holy Mother" is one of the most revered religious icons of Mexico and it is extremely unconscionable to "trash" her image in the way some chicana(o) artists have done. Many in the USA and around the world are not familiar with "La Virgen de Guadalupe". Miroslava Flores, our staff writer, wrote a beautiful essay concerning "La Virgen" and of her miraculous apparition to Juan Diego at Tepeyac. The essay titled "Vatican to Canonize Cuauhtlatoahtzin (Juan Diego)" is published at

For our readership that resides or will be in Southern California on August 28 through November 28 and who wish to view the exhibit, the Fullerton Museum Center is located at 301 North Pomona Avenue, Fullerton, California, 92832. Additional information concerning the exhibit "The Virgin of Guadalupe: Interpreting Devotion" can be obtained by calling the museum at (714) 738-6545.

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