More Alma Lopez controversy

Orange County Weekly covers the controversy over Our Lady by Alma López and its rumored appearance at Fullerton Museum Center. Three weeks ago, the far-right Chicano nationalist website complained that the museum planned to exhibit López's "sexually deviant" artwork (discussed here). The museum's director insists that Aztlan was mistaken — Our Lady was never part of the exhibition — and that the museum has safeguards to prevent offensive art from display. Not exactly a resounding defense of artistic integrity in the face of ideological fanaticism. OC Weekly comments: Too bad. Felz went on to reveal that the museum would exhibit another Guadalupe-themed López work, María de Los Angeles. That piece—the Virgin fully clothed, generations of women looking on in wonder—looks like a promo for an Edward James Olmos-produced PBS special underscoring the all-American virtues of Latino family life. This article includes a larger, higher-resolution jpeg of Our Lady than I've previously linked (click the "enlarge" button).

1 Comment » The URI to TrackBack this entry is: 1. I’m always conflicted around these kinds of issues. For example, when I saw “The Last Temptation of Christ” I was shocked at the imagery of Jesus being sexual in the film (although it was done very tastefully and within the context of his being married to Mary of Magdelena). Yet, afterwards, I could appreciate the purpose for the film for having done so. I looked over the images of “Our Lady” and couldn’t quite find the “problems” with it. OTH, I understand those Catholics who are more traditional might find the image shocking (and then they interpret that as blasphemous). I don’t believe that shocking necessarily equates with blasphemous or being disrespctful, as I think you nicely point out. Comment by Joe G. — 8/22/2004 @ 12:33 pm