Los Angeles, Alta California
June 23, 2011
Chicana lesbians sully Irish university

Blasphemer Alma Lopez may be arrested

Erotic and blasphemous rendering of the Mother of God
There is a huge controversy brewing at the University College Cork in Ireland because it is planning to exhibit a highly blasphemous and sacrilegious rendering of "La Virgen de Guadalupe". The rendering shows the Mother of Jesus in a sapphic pose and almost completely naked with only a few flowers covering her breasts and vaginal area. The extremely disrespectful rendering of "La Reina de Mexico" is the work of the decadent lesbian artist Alma Lopez of East Los Angeles, California.

The exhibition is part of a conference organised by the Mexican Studies Centre at University College Cork which is headed by Professor Nuala Finnegan. Professor Finnegan has invited, as guest speakers to the conference, Alma Lopez and two other notorious Chicana lesbians. The two others are Alicia Gaspar de Alba and Cherríe Moraga. Alicia Gaspar de Alba is in fact the lover of Alma Lopez and they claim they are "married". Same sex marriages, however, are not recognized in California. The butch lesbian Alicia Gaspar de Alba is the Chair of Chicano Studies at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Cherríe Moraga is an author of lesbian literature and theatrical plays. She is known for having an insatiable appetite for infecting naive young female college and university students with sapphic ideas.

Two lesbians - Cherrie Moraga
Ireland, being a devout Catholic nation, is not taking the shameful exhibition lightly. The exhibition is scheduled to open tomorrow, June 24, and already protests and demonstrations by the Irish are taking place at the university and at the town of Cork. The exhibition has received wide spread condemnation and the university is being urged to cancel it. The Bishop of Cork John Buckley said the exhibit is both "offensive and unacceptable". He added that "the exhibit goes beyond the bounds of pluralism and respect."

Alma Lopez behind her lover - husband? - wife?, Alicia Gaspar de Alba
"Many people were offended by the proposed exhibition and the portrayal of the mother of God in such a fashion," Bishop Buckley said in an official statement. "True pluralism respects the beliefs of all faiths and does not seek to ridicule the faith and convictions of any believer. We have seen the negative consequences that result from a lack of respect for religious beliefs in many cultures (i.e ridiculing the Prophet Muhammad) . An inclusive and open society must show respect for the religious beliefs and iconography of its citizens, " he concluded.

If the exhibition is not cancelled, the decadent lesbian blasphemer Alma Lopez may be arrested upon arrival to Ireland. The Catholic nation passed a new law that took effect on January 1 of 2010 called "The Blasphemy Law." Blasphemy in Ireland is now a crime punishable with a fine of up to €25,000 ($35,000 US dollars). The law defines blasphemy as "publishing or uttering matter that is grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters sacred by any religion, thereby intentionally causing outrage among a substantial number of adherents of that religion."

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