A notice from some friends of I & A in Ireland
We have received advice from Mrs Johanna Higgins of the Association of Catholic Lawyers of Ireland regarding the proposed Art Exhibition at the University of Cork
As blasphemy is still a crime in Ireland it would be helpful if readers would make a complaint directly to the Garda Station in Cork regarding the proposed offence.

Garda station number is 00-353-214-327301 (Cork Garda - Police - Station in vicinity of the University)
The offence is section 36 (2) of the Defamation Act 2009.

When you phone you should say they want to make a formal complaint, and that you would like a reference number and a reply. If the Garda (Police) says that no offence has yet been committed, you should say that you are making the police aware of a planned offence and that you would like a more senior officer to deal with the matter.(Also conspiracy and attempted crimes are against the law)

The more complaints they have on record the more likely it is that they will have to act. Also the offence of blasphemy is judged by how "outraged" people really are, so complaints will be evidence of that. You are encouraged to email as well as phone - details and template message below, to assist you. People outside of Ireland are entitled to complain to prevent a crime occurring in that country.
Template Message to send (or adjust as you wish)
Chief Superintendent Michael Finn, Cork West Division
Copy (university offices)
I wish to make a formal complaint against University College Cork and the artist Alma Lopez for planning a blasphemous exhibition depicting Our Lady of Guadalupe in an outrageous and indecent image.
The information about the event is here:
This displaying of this image and the book by Alma Lopez would be an offence against the Defamation Act 2009 at section 36 (2). This exhibition has been banned elsewhere and has caused offence to Catholics, including senior members of the Church in America. The artist’s intention is to provoke outrage and hurt.
Please acknowledge and record my complaint and send me a reference number.
Yours Sincerely
Name and address